Books in the Time of Corona

Completely Booked is open as of today, March 16. We will let you know if and when this changes. If you’d like to come into the store, please know that we are continually wiping all surfaces, including pens and door handles, with disinfectant wipes and taking all precautions to maintain a germ-free location.

If you would like to purchase books or other items, and prefer to avoid all public spaces, please call us on 724-575-7520 and we will be happy to provide curb-side payment/delivery options for you. In addition, we will deliver books to you within an approximately ten-mile radius of the store. Finally, we can order books and have them shipped directly to you if that option best meets your needs.

We are working on an web-based commerce site and hope to have it up and running this week. This option will allow you to browse available books and purchase through the website.

New books will be featured on the website shortly!

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